Hey Guy As you all know that XOLO already have provided an update for Xolo A600.Its not a KitKat update but it's the Base KitKat Update.This update will
change your BaseBand version to S117.Which whenever the KitKat update will come, you will be able to update your Xolo A600 into KitKat. As you all know that many of people haven't get that update that's why our Senior Editor Navi Sriwastwa posted the method of update to S117.But the process was bit difficult for some people.But now here I come with the easiest method of updating your Xolo A600 to S117.This is the official Update that we are giving you.It's same as you download the update from your phone.So,don't take any hesitation towards this update.

You just need to follow these steps-

1st of all your battery should charge upto 90%.

• Download the For Xolo A600 To S117 in your Xolo A600.

Now place the Update. zip file into your SD card but not in any folder.

Now Go to Settings>About Phone>Software Update>Check Update. Now you will see like this.

Now Click On Install Update.After doing that your phone will restart and Start installing update.This process can take up to 10 minutes.So,Don't get panic and just take a chill pill for 10 minutes or less.

Note:- Don't pull out the  battery while installing the update.It can harm your phone.