So It is a post for beginners who want to just look inside the recovery.img and do some modification like changing the default background image to a custom image. So without wasting any time here We Go....

Requirements :
And To Use Kitchen You need a command line Interface That is provided By .. 
Step By Step Instruction To Extract Files From Your Recovery.img .....
  • Open Cygwin And Type "Cd kitchen" and then type "./menu". Now You are in dsixda's Kitchen.

  •  Enter The Option "0

  • Then Enter Option "12". and choose option "a".
  • Now a new folder  is created in Home/user/kitchen folder.
  • Place the recovery Image in that folder and press enter in cygwin.
  • It will automatically Split all files of Recovery.img in the same folder

  • Now You have got the files of your .img in the same folder as Boot.img-ramdisk & Zimage.
  • Move Into The Boot.img-ramdisk folder and Check "res" folder you will get a new folder "images" that contain all the images.
  • Now you can modify the images ;)