So It is a post for beginners who want to just look inside the recovery.img and do some modification like changing the default background image to a custom image. So without wasting any time here We Go....

Requirements :
  • Recovery.img (Most Important) :p 
  • Boot/Recovery repack utils for WINDOWS by XDA DEVELOPER Michfood , so stop At His profile and hit Thanks. 
  • Boot/Recovery repack utils here .  
Procedure : 
  1. Just place the recovery.img in the same folder where You extracted The boot/recovery repack tool.
  2. Drag and drop recovery.img on MTK_Unpack and it will split the recovery into its parts.
  3. Now browser into recovery > rmdisk > res > images open the images edit them or replace them with your desirable .png's . 
  4. Now again drag the recovery folder and drop on MTK_pack after Modification.
Voila .!!!!!!!!
You are Done with changing the background of your custom recovery.