Sometimes your lovely little device ( usually running a rom like Cyanogenmod or Omni etc.) is envied by the virgins of the dev community.
And sometimes i.e. very seldom this phone, this piece of your daily life that contains all the data as it is privy to your life gets stolen.
And most of the times such cases are
complained to the police , who probably do an investigation (for a few minutes by asking you color and company ) and then say that without IMEI number the phone cannot be tracked .
Well even if you lost the IMEI you havent lost hope.... 
So this app is very simple and minimal app that can help you in such cases as well..  


1. Specify a backup number
2. If your phone gets stolen and IMEI is lost , simply send an SMS to the phone that is lost from the specified backup number3. GetIMEI will entertain trigger only from the specified number and will then send the IMEI to this number (Specified Backup Number)
4. Give this to the police and they will forward it to various phone companies ...
5. Now as soon as the theif uses the phone for any call or sms (even if he has NOW changed the sim card) , his location will be informed to the police.
6. And he will be caught.
7.Enjoy! I mean....I hope you find your phone soon.
ONLY 2.1+ above devices