A few days ago a new version of gmail was released. The previous update required users to uninstall the old Gmail version from their devices before
 installing the new APK due to a signature mismatch. As was expected at the time, the official roll out has begun taking place and Gmail 5.0 with Material Design aesthetics and Exchange account support has finally arrived.
           Along with the new layouts, the update to version 5 brings a much needed splash of color element, making it easier on the eyes and a pleasure to use. Under the hood, Gmail has added Exchange account support, allowing you to access various non-Google email accounts and saving users the hassle of using separate apps. Due to this being a properly signed APK, you do not need to uninstall your current version of Gmail, as the cryptographic signature will match and you can simply upgrade your existing app.
Download : 
Gmail 5.0 apk